NRA® Jotto Gear Announces Price Reduction

on Friday, July 4, 2014 9:00:00 AM

NRA® Home Defense Cabinet
Single Firearm Model - Unfinished Frame.

Over the past several months, NRA Jotto Gear has been working tirelessly behind the scenes. We have attended numerous trade shows and we have been in communication with many retailers and hundreds of end-users alike…all in an effort to determine what the one factor was that was keeping people from pulling the proverbial trigger and buying their Home Defense Cabinet. 

  • Were there concerns about the quality of the Home Defense Cabinet? None…everyone saw the superior quality level of the product and recognized the value of the military grade biometrics unit. 

  • ...

  • Were there any installation fears? Most of those contacted felt very comfortable with being able to install this themselves or could call upon a friend for assistance.

  • Was there an issue with the type of home defense firearm needing secured? No problem there either, as the Home Defense Cabinet was designed to meet the vast majority of firearms being used in this manner.

  • In the end, we discovered the only factor that prevented those purchases was the price.

    As a result, additional steps were also taken behind the scenes to allow this unprecedented price drop. We could bore you with the details of cost negotiations, long term contracts and amortization of certain costs…but the end result is exactly what the market place has asked for, a lower price.

    This price reduction makes the most innovative solution for locking up 1 or 2 home defense firearms much more affordable. Gun safes accomplish a very specific purpose, they lock up a large volume of firearms in one location. Yet most owners of a gun safe still have home defense firearms that are left outside the safe…where those not intended can gain access. The NRA Home Defense Cabinets purpose is very specific as well. It hides in plain sight, locks up your home defense firearms and does it all while taking up none of the floor space in a room. The military grade biometric reader is proven to only provide access to the home owner and those that have been authorized to gain access.

    This Price Decrease is effective today, July 4, 2014. This is not “good for a limited time” pricing or special pricing only associated with this holiday weekend. Instead, it is an overall Price Reduction meant to help those in need of securing a home defense firearm better afford the best solution on the market.

    NRA® Home Defense Cabinet
    Dual Firearm Model - Finished Frame.

    Part Numbers & List Prices:

    430-0100 NRA Home Defense Cabinet (Single/Finished)
    New List Price - $750.00    Old List Price - $950.00

    430-0101 NRA Home Defense Cabinet(Dual/Finished)
    New List Price - $995.00     Old List Price - $1250.00

    430-0111 NRA Home Defense Cabinet (Single/Unfinished)
    New List Price - $750.00     Old List Price - $950.00

    430-0112 NRA Home Defense Cabinet (Dual/Unfinished)
    New List Price - $995.00     Old List Price - $1250.00

    As always, NRA Jotto Gear appreciates your past business, continued support and the fact that you are a valued member of the Jotto Desk Team. For more information, please contact your Sales Manager, Ashlee Napier at 800-979-3375 and visit

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